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Air & Water Balancing Services Pty Ltd.

We are a testing adjusting and balancing firm that have served the New South Wales area since 2010. We have experience tackling a large range of commercial and industrial projects.

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Your Trusted Testing Adjusting and Balancing Firm.

About Us

Air & Water Balancing Services Pty Ltd is an reputable Australian company that specializes in the balancing and commissioning of Essential service and HVAC systems, with operations across the main sectors of the mechanical industry spanning from small tenancy fit outs to multi-million dollar projects that require high technical skills and knowledge to achieve the optimum performance of the systems controlling the comfort of the building environment. 


We are fully qualified and experienced in the methods, skills, and procedures required to offer testing, adjusting, and balancing services to mechanical companies of all sizes. Our profound commitment to customer satisfaction, together with the prestigious background of our technicians spanning over 20 years, position us as the perfect ally for the commissioning and balancing of any system. 


Air & Water Balancing Services Pty Ltd was established in 2010 on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales as a promising family-owned startup, built on the work and passion of former managing director, Ilya Kalinin. In 2018, the company was handed down to his son in law, Richard Matthews, to continue providing our clients with the same excellence-based services, under the guidance of his predecessor. 


Our seasoned team of technicians is formed of specialists with the skills to measure the efficiency of building systems, and as leaders in practical knowledge and communication skills to develop tailor-made solutions for building managers and mechanical companies. 


Such is our dedication to our clients' and partners' of projects that we deploy our seasoned technical team wherever they are needed - no challenge or distance can prevent us from completing any task! 

Improve Comfort and Efficiency with Better Air & Water Balancing

In large and commercial buildings, ensuring the efficient operation of the HVAC system is challenging. Air balancing is a vital effort after installation. This process ensures that an equal volume of air moves at the same rate throughout all the ducts—whether close to the central HVAC unit or in a room very far away. At AWBS, we have a proven record of assisting small and large clients with this essential task.

What Does HVAC Air Balancing Involve?

We work on various systems and begin by carrying out extensive system testing. We determine the ideal flow rate we must achieve throughout the system by determining the "index terminal," or the area with the lowest designed flow. Through careful adjustments and using tools such as an anemometer to measure airflow speed, we balance the system to ensure a consistent air flow to every vent—not just a few.

Take the Next Steps with AWBS

When properly conducted, re-balancing your HVAC system delivers better, more consistent results over time. At AWBS, we understand how important this is for both comfort and cost. Through our in-depth approach to HVAC testing, our adjusting and balancing can help you achieve the optimum setup in your building. Let's explore what's possible together.

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