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What is Clean Room Testing?

Clean rooms are controlled environments to prevent the spread of airborne particles and related contaminants. Often used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics, and medical devices manufacturing clean room testing is a specialised service provided by AWBS.

We evaluate the cleanliness and air quality level within any clean room setting. Professional clean room testing companies such as us use dedicated equipment like particle counters to measure the concentration of airborne particles. We also evaluate temperature, humidity and air pressure differentials.

Critical Spaces That are Fit-For-Purpose

The results obtained from clean room testing guarantee that these critical spaces are fit-for-purpose, from research to the manufacture of sterile products. Regular clean room testing ensures ongoing compliance with industry regulations and standards.

The air patterns necessary in any clean room are maintained by the volume and velocity of air entering and leaving. Faulty ventilation systems have a major impact in this regard, meaning that testing for velocity and pressure differentials is vital to verify air volume.

Different Control Methods

These rooms are set up with several different control methods, such as an airflow test, pressure tests and automated control systems, if in place. We have tested different clean rooms, from operating theatres to isolation rooms and laboratories, to name but a few. Talk to AWBS about these test methods, which are critical to maintaining the design criteria of any clean room.

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